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alian Master of Wine Dr Ron Georgio▓u and resident Peter Teng will choose wines to match the ▓chef's creations.PYONGYANG, June 7 (Xinhua) -- Kim Jong▓ Il, top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), called on the whole country to make bigger effort on farming, the official Rodong Sinmun daily said on Sunday.Agriculture is of importance for building a prosperous and powerful nation, Kim said while inspecting a farm in Hamju County, South Hamgyong province, w▓here a good harvest of rice and potato is expected.He also called for more scientific research to im

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oast of the country▓ where usually severe cold weather has in ▓winter and the rate of sunshine hours is low.He no▓ted it was essential to realize the comprehensive mechanization in the agricultural sector in▓ order to meet the acute shortage of farming ▓manpower.DPRK media have reported Kim's▓ inspection in South Hamgyong province for two days, but did not give the exact date of the visits.Potatoes also have a museum. China's fi

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n Yanqing County, Beijing. The history, cur▓rent condition, development, promotion and application of po▓tatoes in China are shown at the exhibition hall which▓

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ecious photos and plenty of ▓objects. There are mini potatoes as small as soybeans, big potatoes as big as pillows, colored potatoes in red, purple a▓nd black,

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es, Atlantic potatoes for cooking potato chips, and potatoes ▓from Holland suitable for cooking dishes. At the potato museum, the most eye-catching one is the re

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a▓l exhibits. Visitors marvel at the dishes cooked using potatoes and the hundreds of new potato types that are displayed in the cupboards. 銆€ Vincent van Gog

h's famous painting "The Potato Eaters" r▓epresen

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ts the international background of the small potatoes. 7,000 years ago, people living on the South American continent began to eat wild potatoes as▓ food; Peru w

as the world's first country to plant pota▓toes;

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colonists from Spain took potatoes from the▓ Andes to Europe; around the Christian era 1621, potatoes, sweet corn and peanuts were introduced to China. Currently

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